Cause And Effect

Cause: Most businesses face the challenges of:
Power Factor Penalties
Line surges
Harmonics out of balance
Excessive use of KWH

Power Factor penalties cost your business MONEY!
You could be paying needless penalties to the utility company every month and not even be aware of it. Here’s a short video explaining power factorHere’s another (click either)

Line surges are the result of incoming power from the grid. The grid does not know how much power your facility needs so it sends all it has. What is not needed returns back to the grid and you pay for it again or it goes to ground and you pay for it even though it’s wasted.

Out of balance harmonics are the enemy of your facility! When the harmonics are balanced every piece of equipment in your facility runs cooler, lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

Excessive use of KWH is a direct result of the combination of all the above.
To reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy consumption and extend the lifespan of your equipment you must solve these problems.