The best investment you can make for your business’ energy problems is the addition of a Green Energy Panel™!

The best, most cost effective, fastest ROI device on the market is an energy saving device from Green Energy Panels™.

Our devices house the BEST components available. Our capacitor bank is German made and state of the art. The secret to the performance of our device is the copyrighted proprietary software that controls the operation of a Green Energy Panel™. This combination provides industry leading results that allow you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, recess wear and tear on your equipment as well as supply unmatched surge protection.

• Green Energy Panels™ drastically reduce or eliminate power factor penalties the utility company charges you for your business’ inability to accept .95 power inside your facility. Older buildings are great candidates for a Green Energy Panel™. This device can “clean up” the energy inside (after the meter) your building reducing or eliminating costly power factor penalties. Many new facilities capitalize on the benefits of installing a Green Energy Panel™ as well!

• Green Energy Panels™ help with induction! When a component engages in your building it creates “induction”. This includes AC compressors, light ballasts, computers, generators, motors, etc. Our panel stores and releases energy when there is a demand (start up of a component) reducing the amount of wasted energy to start components directly from the electrical grid.

• Green Energy Panels™ balance the harmonics in your building! Your equipment will run smoother, cooler, have a longer lifespan with less maintenance and be completely surge protected.

• Green Energy Panels™ have a FAST ROI! Our panels, unlike solar or alternative energy, help you recoup your money faster. *The typical ROI on a Green Energy Panel™ is less than 24 months. The Green Energy Panel™ is 100% tax deductible the first year. It is considered a maintenance device.

• We offer two different Green Energy Panels™ to meet the demands of a variety of businesses. Financing is available and we also have a very profit friendly rental program available through Ascentuim Capital.

• Green Energy Panels™ are UL approved and made in America. The panels are maintenance free and have a 20+ year life expectancy. A licensed electrician is required to install a Green Energy Panel™.

  • * Typical results. ROI can vary depending on age / condition of equipment, timing of your energy billing cycles, installation of new equipment in your facility or other factors. Energy charge fluctuation can also affect your ROI. For instance, if you experience a rate increase over last years rate or the PCRF (power cost recovery factor) increases it can affect your ROI. These instances are beyond the control of Southwestern Energy Solutions, LLC, our dealers or the manufacturer.